Art of Sand Wild Florida: Past, Present and Future

Thank you to all the sponsors
who made this exhibit possible!

What happens when you mix a little wild with a

whole lot of sand, art and history?

You get Wild Florida: Past, Present and Future,
an Art of Sand exhibit at Brevard Zoo!


Since opening Feb. 16, thousands of people came to see the Art of Sand exhibit that highlighted the story of people and wildlife in Florida from 10,000 BC to present. For the third week in a row, the sculpture Coming and Going was a guest favorite in the Art of Sand sculpture contest at Brevard Zoo. Depicting invasive species that are moving into the state and the species we need to protect for the future with the state of Florida in the center, this sculpture was chosen to be the Best in Overall Exhibit by guests when they visited the week of May 20. The sculpture was a guest favorite in three out of the four weeks of the sculpture contest. This was the final week of the contest as the exhibit closed Monday, May 27.

The Art of Sand exhibit at Brevard Zoo was made possible by its many sponsors to include Presenting Sponsors Toyota of Melbourne and Lexus of Melbourne, as well as Florida’s Space Coast Office of Tourism, Brevard Eye Center, Shelter Mortgage Company, Viera Charter School, Exceptional Dentistry, Jon’s Fine Jewelry, Learning Rx, Holiday Inn Melbourne-Viera, Pruitt Real Estate, Brevard Physicians Network, Holiday Builders, ndtHOST, Wuesthoff Health System, GrayRobinson Attorneys at Law, Space Coast Business, Space Coast Living, Florida Today Communications, Bright House Networks, Sky Advertising, Viera Voice, Amici’s Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria, Pizza Gallery & Grill and Bob Evans Restaurant.


 Art of Sand was produced through a partnership of the Brevard Cultural Alliance, SCB Marketing, and Brevard Zoo.


The Art of Sand sculpture contested ended this week and Coming and Going was a guest favorite three out of the four weeks!


Check out Coming and Going, winner of Best in Overall Exhibit on the
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Art of Sand Wild Florida: Past, Present and Future Timeline


Prehistory, 24 Million B.C. to 10,000 B.C.:
Before the dry land of Florida rose from the ocean, the waters were inhabited by a wide range of prehistoric animals, such as megladon sharks, dugongs, and whales. As the peninsula emerged, prehistoric land animals evolved, such as wooly mammoths, saber cats, and giant sloths.

Pre-contact Natives, 7,000 B.C. to 1,500 A.D.:

Prior to European settlement, different tribal groups hunted and fished, eating a wide variety of species--alligator, whitetail deer, and manatees.

European Arrival, 1513 A.D.:

Juan Ponce de Leon and his crew became the first known Europeans to set foot in North American, landing along the east coast of Florida. The first cattle, horses, chickens, goats, and hogs in America arrived on Spanish ships, as well as some unwelcome creatures, like the European cockroach and the rat.

Territorial/Early Statehood Period, 1819 A.D.:

After passing hands of rule between Spain, England, and France, Florida became an American territory through the conditions of the Adams-Onis Treaty of 1819. Official American rule began on March 30, 1822, with Florida's annexation into statehood following on March 3, 1845. Massive cattle ranches were plentiful and cowboys, riding the distinctive "Cracker" horse, covered the back country of Florida. When the Civil War broke out, Florida ceded from the union to join the States of the Confederacy. Florida was a leading supplier of beef throughout the Civil War. With the war's end in 1865, Florida was readmitted into the United States on July 25, 1868. Florida remained a largely agricultural state.

The Modern Era, 1940 A.D. to Present:

As Florida's population grew, many native species went into steep decline. Red wolves, extinct in the wild, reside in the Brevard Zoo and other facilities. Alligators, once threatened are now plentiful throughout much of their historical range.



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