Jill Harris 2013

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Jill Harris - Melbourne, Florida

"Sometimes it is difficult to get movement, action and drama right and make it look believable too!"

Sandsational Sand Sculpting is excited to bring another remarkable Art of Sand to the Space Coast. Jill Harris, Sandsational's founder and president, is the event's sculpting coordinator and one of the exhibition sculptors. In her 17 years of sculpting she has traveled the world working on large scale events and occasionally competing in select team competitions with partner Thomas Koet.

The possibility of realizing a higher quality, more detailed and large scale artwork is what inspires Jill's best work.

With the Art of Sand Jill has created just such an ideal exhibition where she and the world's best sand artists truly get a chance to shine. Her ability and passion for sand sculpting has taken her all over Europe and the United States as well as to Korea, Japan and Canada.